Understanding the Benefits of Low-THC Therapy

Low-THC Therapy

According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chronic pain is one of the most common reasons American adults seek medical care. It’s also one of the most common reasons people become dependent on prescription medications, including opioids; suffer from anxiety and depression; and generally have a reduced quality of life. What if there was an alternative, non-addictive method of pain relief that could improve symptoms and enhance your long-term quality of life?

Here at No Mercy Sports Medicine in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dr. Irizarry-Román often recommends low-THC therapy for men and women suffering from chronic diseases and other health conditions that keep them from living their best lives. If you’ve heard of this alternative to painkillers but aren’t sure what it is and how it may help you, take a few minutes to learn what everyone needs to know about low-THC therapy, and find out if it may be right for you.

The state of Florida approves low-THC medical marijuana

Low-THC is a form of medical marijuana that meets the requirements of the Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use. These requirements state that the flowers, seeds, resin, and any other product derived from the cannabis plant contains 0.8% or less of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) —  the psychoactive component in marijuana. Since low-THC medical marijuana contains such a minimal amount of this component, it doesn’t produce euphoric properties, as full-potency marijuana does.

In Florida, a qualified physician like Dr. Irizarry-Román must conduct an exam and evaluation before you can get a prescription for low-THC medical marijuana therapy. If you qualify, Dr. Irizarry-Román determines your prescription, including dosage and type of low-THC you can purchase at a Florida dispensary. Dr. Irizarry-Román registers your prescription and recommendation into the state’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

The amount and dosage of your prescription determines the limit based of how much medication you can purchase per order.

Low-THC therapy comes in several forms

Based on your medical evaluation and preferences, you may fill your prescription for low-THC therapy in a variety of formulations, including:

When inhaled, ingested, or applied topically, THC stimulates your brain’s cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoids are chemicals that are similar in structure to THC but that occur naturally in your body. When the receptors in your brain bind to the THC, that reduces pain and improves symptoms almost immediately.

Low-THC therapy may be helpful in relieving many types of pain

If you suffer from a chronic illness, daily pain, and other symptoms that don’t respond well to medical treatments, or if you’d like to reduce your dependency on prescription painkillers, low-THC therapy may be an ideal alternative solution. Qualifying conditions include:

When other treatments have failed to deliver the relief you need to get through your day or to improve the quality of your life, Dr. Irizarry-Román can evaluate your condition to see if you’re a good candidate for low-THC medical marijuana. Everyone is different, and you’re considered based on your individual needs and overall health and conditions.

Take the first step toward learning more about how low-THC therapy may be able to help you live life with less pain and discomfort. Call the office closest to you, or request an appointment using the online scheduling feature on this website.

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