Understanding the Best Treatment Options for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Whether you tear your ACL running down the soccer field or sprain an ankle stepping off the curb, you know musculoskeletal injuries are both limiting and painful.

To get you back into the game, or just back to functioning normally, the No Mercy Sports Medicine team offers the treatments you need. Under the direction of Dr. Moisés Irizarry-Román, we pride ourselves on providing tried-and-true solutions for musculoskeletal injuries and cutting-edge treatments, including regenerative medicine.

Here’s a look at some of our effective frontline treatments for musculoskeletal injuries that get you back to pain-free movement as quickly as possible.

Regenerative medicine

The use of regenerative medicine in orthopedic injuries is gaining more and more traction — helping to heal the body in a way that wasn’t possible before. Previously, when you had an injury, doctors did their best to relieve the pain and repair the damage, which often involved surgery.

Now, we have the ability to tap and redirect powerful regenerative resources right from your own body, including:

Stem cells

Most of the cells in your body are tasked with one purpose, except for stem cells, which have the incredible ability to morph into other cells and then multiply indefinitely as that cell. Through our use of stem cells, these are sometimes harvested in a painless way from your hip bone. They can then be processed and injected in an attempt to help repair and rebuild damaged tissue.


Another resource inside your body are your platelets, which contain powerful growth factors that foster the ultimate healing environment. Through our platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), we deliver platelets to your damaged tissues to help them rebuild on a cellular level.

Joint injections

If your musculoskeletal injury is due to overuse or degeneration, we can quickly relieve the pain and inflammation with our corticosteroid injections. These injections may not cure the underlying problem, but they restore pain-free movement, which allows you time to strengthen the damaged area through targeted physical therapy.

Physical therapy

This tool is one that’s very important when it comes to long-term results. As your body heals from a musculoskeletal injury, we help you regain strength and flexibility, with an eye toward preventing re-injury. In beefing up the support systems around your injury, we can spread out the workload more evenly for sustainable function.

Osteopathic manipulation

Another useful tool in treating a musculoskeletal injury is osteopathic manipulation, a technique in which we realign your body to promote better balance and an improved flow of healing resources.

If you’re struggling with a musculoskeletal injury and related pain, please contact our Miami location.

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