I’m Struggling to Lose Weight

I’m Struggling to Lose Weight

You’ve tried, time and again, to lose weight, and while you’ve had a few small victories along the way, the overall effort hasn’t garnered the results you want. We assure you, you’re not alone. Studies show that half of those who diet put the weight back on in two years, and 80% find themselves back at square one within five years.

Whether you’ve tried to lose weight or you’re having trouble getting started, Dr. Moisés Irizarry-Román and our team here at No Mercy Sports Medicine can help through our weight management services. In this post, we explore why weight loss is so difficult and, more importantly, how we can help you declare victory.

Why weight loss is such a challenge

There are many reasons why losing weight is a tough proposition. Let’s start with the industry surrounding weight loss, which is long on promises and short on results. If you do an internet search for the words, “weight loss,” you’re met with nearly 1,800,000,000 results in under a second (yes, that many zeros!).

Crowding these results are services and products that promise quick weight loss, but at best, they’re ineffective over the long-term, and, at worst, they’re dangerous. For example, certain products or services deliver great results within a week or two, but the drop on the scale is largely due to water weight, not fat.

Another reason weight loss can be difficult is that overeating has emotional, social, mental, and physical components that can conspire against you. For example, if you routinely activate the reward centers in your brain with some chips or cookies, your brain may demand more, weakening the resolve in the strongest among us.

Perhaps you come from a family or culture in which much is centered around food, making dieting near impossible.

In addition, the physical aspects of losing weight involve many areas of your health, such as your endocrine system. When your hormones are working against you, it can be incredibly tough to shed the pounds.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you may be struggling to lose weight. The question is: How can you win the battle?

Why weight management programs work

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about short-term dietary changes. It’s about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity, and balancing the calories you consume with the calories your body uses.”

We agree wholeheartedly with this statement, and we include a few other key factors in our weight management services, such as:

Through our weight management program, we design an individualized plan for each of our patients that considers the whole picture, not just the weight. By performing a thorough assessment of your health beforehand, we can find areas in which you may need a nutritional or hormonal boost to help you lose weight.

We also provide excellent support and accountability with frequent check-ins and weigh-ins. This oversight is designed to give you a little push when you need it as well as applaud your efforts along the way. We can also track your weight loss and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your best chances of success.

Through our dietary counseling, lifestyle recommendations, exercise plans, medical services, and vigilant monitoring, we can help you shed the pounds — and keep them off.

To get on the road to successful weight loss, contact our office in Miami, Florida, to set up an appointment.

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