How Can My Sports Medicine Doctor Help Me Get In Shape?

How Can My Sports Medicine Doctor Help Me Get In Shape?

Perhaps age is catching up with you or your stress levels are at an all-time high, but you’re feeling worn down and out of shape. With the new year on the horizon, you want to make some serious changes to help you feel better, physically and mentally, and getting in shape is at the top of the list.

Rather than simply purchasing another gym membership, why not get in shape the right way with a sports medicine doctor at your side?

Here at No Mercy Sports Medicine in Miami, Florida, Dr. Moisés Irizarry-Román specializes in men’s health and sports medicine and understands better than most the most effective, and results-driven, steps you can take to achieve your fitness goals. Here’s a look at a few of the many ways in which Dr. Irizarry-Román can help.

Establishing your baseline

The first step toward getting in shape is to understand your starting point. When you first see Dr. Irizarry-Román, he conducts a thorough exam, which includes reviewing the current state of your musculoskeletal health, your hormone levels, your nutrition, and your goals.

Through extensive testing, Dr. Irizarry-Román creates a baseline of your health that provides him with valuable information as to how to go about getting you into better shape.

The importance of metabolic health

Measuring your hormone levels helps Dr. Irizarry-Román determine if there are any metabolic challenges you need to overcome. For example, testosterone plays no small role in your ability to build muscle and keep off fat. In addition, low testosterone can lead to fatigue, which can throw a fairly major hurdle at your efforts to get into shape.

If he finds that your testosterone is on the low side, he can tailor a hormone replacement therapy plan to restore your metabolic balance.

Building a better foundation

Dr. Irizarry-Román also spends time reviewing any health complaints you may have, such as achy knees or a shoulder that just doesn’t perform as it once did. By thoroughly evaluating your musculoskeletal health, Dr. Irizarry-Román can identify and treat weaker areas through regenerative medicine, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy and stem cell therapy.

When you shore up the foundation of your body, your road to fitness will be a much easier one.

Feeding your body right

Another major contributor to your ability to get fit is ensuring you're providing your body with the right tools through nutrition. After reviewing your diet, Dr. Irizarry-Román may recommend medical-grade dietary supplements that meet your nutritional needs. These needs can change as you build muscle, and Dr. Irizarry-Román makes sure that your body gets the right fuel at every stage of your fitness journey.

While there are many other benefits to having a sports medicine doctor help you get into shape, we believe the above points make a compelling enough case. If you want strong, sustainable results when it comes to getting into shape, contact our Miami office to schedule an appointment.

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