5 Common Barriers to Weight Loss

5 Common Barriers to Weight Loss

A whopping 70% of people in the United States are either overweight or have obesity, sending many on diet cycles that simply aren’t delivering great results. If this sounds familiar, we want to assure you that, while the barriers to weight loss are considerable, they aren’t insurmountable.

At No Mercy Sports Medicine, in Miami, Florida, Dr. Moisés Irizarry-Román and our team offer weight management services that are designed to help you take charge of your weight, once and for all.

To give you an idea, we outline five of the more common weight-loss barriers and how we can help you get past each.

1. Hormonal imbalance

Your reproductive hormones — estrogen for women and testosterone for men — play a big role in your weight. 

For example, as men age, they lose testosterone production, which can lead to a loss in muscle mass. Without as much muscle, your metabolism can slow. If we find that you have lower-than-normal testosterone levels, we can place you on hormone replacement therapy.

For women, the loss of estrogen as they age can also lead to weight gain and, by replenishing your hormone levels, we can help you lose weight more easily.

2. Thyroid disorder

Another hormone that influences your weight, quite directly, are your thyroid hormones. These chemical messengers are responsible for your metabolism, and when your thyroid levels are low (hypothyroidism), you gain weight.

If we suspect that you have hypothyroidism, we conduct tests and place you on hormone replacement therapy if we find a problem.

3. Certain medications

Medications that can lead to weight gain include antidepressants, birth control pills, and steroid medications. During your consultation, we review the medications you’re taking to see if any are responsible for your failed efforts at weight loss. If we find something that may be problematic, we can work with your medical team to find alternatives.

4. Lack of effective tools

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for losing weight, but diet and exercise play invaluable roles. Through our weight management services, we provide you with exercise regimens to garner the best results for your goals. As well, we offer nutritional counseling that helps guide you to a better way of eating.

In addition to dietary and exercise recommendations, we also provide you with medical-grade dietary supplements that can jump-start your weight loss.

5. Accountability

When you try to lose weight on your own, you lose a key component to most successful weight loss programs — accountability. Our team is here to applaud your successes and give you a nudge when needed to help you stay on track for meaningful and sustainable weight loss.

To take charge of your health and your weight, contact our office to learn more about our weight management services.

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